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nov09Kim-Erin celebrated her daughter, Riley’s first birthday with an Ice Cream Social theme. She wanted to have a theme that was unique and not overdone. Plus, who doesn’t love ice cream?! The little details really make this party one of a kind. Handmade yarn balls to replicate ice cream scoops make fabulous and affordable centerpieces. Painted terra cotta pots hold a buffet of toppings and candies. Party favors of stickers and candies wrapped in clear cellophane tease the party-goers. Plates with custom labels flaunt Riley’s name with retro Ice Cream Shoppe font. My favorite detail is the photo ice cream tree. Photo ornaments of Riley and ice cream cones are fastened to the branches and drip with charming appeal. Happy birthday, Riley!

ice cream social-1


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oct19The leaves are turning into a golden a crisp and gently falling in the breeze. Halloween is haunting us just around the corner. Here is a mood board to help inspire a creepy, yet chic Halloween celebration. Be careful, the tingle of goosebumps might run down your spine.


Bone Collector: The tricked out appetizer plates will surely make your head spin. (Pottery Barn; $5)

Fright Invite: Custom invites with a cauldron full of skulls and eerie font will haunt your guests’ mailboxes. (Wheeler Studios; $2)

Gourd-geous Garland: DIY garland directions are easy to follow and can be hung anywhere for instant harvest decor. The gourds are aplenty at your local grocer.

Fierce Fireplace: Drape dark ivy around your mantle to add a somber feeling to the space.

Painted Pumpkins: Why carve when you can paint? Forget the standard Jack-0-Lantern look, paint spider webs or outline the trunk of a tree on your pumpkin.

Dreadful Drinks: Set up a drink bar and print off the recipe cards for each drink. The black vodka sets the tone for all three drinks.

Wicked Welcome: Before your guests enter your haunted house, have them wipe their wearing feet on this welcome mat. (CB2; $20)

Feather Your Nest: Set the tone for the party with a feathery wreath for your front door. Want a cheaper options? Make one yourself. Buy a metal wreath (Target; $30)

Bat Cave: Place removable bat vinyl decals on the walls of your house to instantly increase the haunt factor. Remove when you are done and save for next year. (Wilson’s Graphics;$30)

Sinister Sweets: Create a food buffet with a theme centered on color. Don’t forget to include dark chocolate!

Any other ideas? What are you going to be for Halloween? We have four parties to attend (that’s what happens when Halloween falls on a Saturday) and I am still tossing around ideas.

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jun28Living in Portland, a popular mode of transportation is to go by bike. I am also one jumping..err…riding on the proverbial bandwagon and using a bike as my preferred transport.  It doesn’t seem like I am the only one. According to Portland Sugar, we have “more bicycles on the road per capita”. Interesante. In MSN’s article, Portland is listed at as the Number Two bike-friendly city in the world. If you are a bike enthusiast, or just want to have some fabulous wedding pictures or engagement photo session include a bike as a prop or just go for a spin around the block. Be sure to tell your photographer so he/she will bring the proper camera equipment to capture that moment. Here are a few inspirational pictures for your bike viewing enjoyment.


1) Bicycle Built for Two; 2) Float on By 3) Riding Miss Daisy 4) Special Delivery 5) Ride by Your Side 6) Just Married 7) Hitched at the Bike Lot 8) Vegas, Baby

I love the action shots and the boudiour-esqe pose (#6).

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feb15Jessica & John are getting married in St John, USVI in March. I created a mood board to help organize the elements of a bridal shower and created a simple menu for a luncheon and shower on a budget. See below for more details!


1. To set the tone of the shower, use simple tropical shower invitations. Embossed invites can be ordered online or DIY. I prefer DIY, because it is cheaper, easy to do, and you have the customized look without paying the price.

2. Faux coral or shells can be found a your local craft store. Don’t forget to check craigslist.org or freecycle.org

3. A neutral colored table runner or a runner made of natural fibers will set the stage. Run the table cloth in the middle of your buffet table and place the pineapples down the runner. Most table runners have an edge that hangs off, depending on your preference, you can have 6-10 inches on each side. To figure out the length to buy, measure your table then had 12-20 inches.

4. Glass beverage containers are a great way to serve beverages. You can fill and forget. You can dress up the container by using some ribbon and a tag to label the type of beverage. This beverage container is made form recycled glass. Not only does it look good, but it is good for the environment.

5. A specialty drink or punch is another way to tie in the theme with the menu. Deep Blue Sea can be made an alcoholic beverage or as a non-alcoholic beverage, just substitute the vodka for 7-Up, ginger ale or club soda and substitute the Blue Curacao liqueur for blue food coloring or 1 pack of Kool-aid mix. Oo, that sounds natural.

6. In my opinion, the cake is usually glue that holds the bridal shower together. If you don’t have the budget to spend on a custom cake, you can still get the custom look without busting the bank. Using Wilton brand fondant packs (found at your local decorating store or craft store) and a from scratch cake from Ina Garten, you can create a beautiful custom cake. Or you can use the butter cream frosting Ina provides and use her tip about smoothing out the frosting with a flexible spatula and hot water.

Another option is ordering a small 8inch custom cake and making cupcakes to supplement the cake. The cupcakes will provide the finishing touch to your bridal shower.

7. Fresh pineapple is a simple and cheap way to decorate the buffet table. When picking out pineapple at the market, look for these things:

  1. Bright green leaves (brown leaves=too ripe),
  2. The eyes (the roundish circles on the pineapple) should be symmetrical.
  3. No soft spots, a firm pineapple is best.
  4. Smell the pineapple, is it sweet? Strong? All great qualities for a fresh, ripe pineapple

8. Paper lanterns and tissue poms are a fabulous way to dress up a space. I love using these poms for everything. You can say, “I’ve gone pom crazy”. Both come in a variety of colors, so you are find the perfect shade for your next party.

9. Since the shower is in March, it will be a perfect time to find those green flowers (just in time for St Patrick’s Day). Take advantage of those green fleurs! The green Kermit mums, spider mums, parrot tulips or green roses are beautiful and you don’t need a lot to make a statement. Check your local farmer’s market (yay spring!), Trader Joe, Costco or grocery store to find flowers within your budget.

10. Candles always set the mood. Floating candles can be used to off set the cost of fresh flowers. Gather several glass vases at various heights and fill with water. Place floating tea lights and light. Remember to do it about 15 minutes prior to guests arrive. On the package, it should say it burning life. Look for ones that have at least 3 hours.

11. Flip flops in coordinating wedding colors can be used a favors or prizes. At $2.50 (when you buy 2 or more), it is a great way to keep in budget and theme.

12. Using candy in the shower’s colors, you can easily punch up the space with pops of color. Fill bowls with blue & green M&Ms, rock candy and place around the room. Guests can enjoy sweet treats throughout the shower. If you don’t want to order online, head to your local mall and see if they have a candy shop. Watch for your sweet tooth!


Crudités Tray: baby carrots, sugar snap peas, baby bell peppers/sliced bell peppers
Vegetable Wraps 
Spinach Salad w/ Jicama
Tropical Fruit Kebabs with Lime Cream
Coconut Cupcakes

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