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nov13Jenny Liu is a photographer based in Orange County. here is a snippet of a recent wedding she shot at the LA Four Seasons. This wedding is the ultimate celebration of all things sultry, lush and elegant. Jenny did an excellent job of capturing the moments that will remembered for a lifetime. Plus, who would say no to a wedding held at the Four Seasons? Baller! The floral arrangements were elegant and really made this wedding glamorous.



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Local :: Kim + Phil Photography

sept21Kim + Phil Photography are the new kids on the block. This energetic duo traded their hectic LA life for the grass is always greener* PDX (*no harsh toxic chemicals are used in our grass and we receive a bajillon months of rain, thus, our grass will literally always be greener). Their lens captures the spirit of the moment and spills out a thousand descriptive words. Packages start at $1500 and that is no exaggeration. Check out a few image captures of their recent work.

An engagement sesh taken in the SE Portland

A bridal shoot on the Portland Waterfront that uses the rickshaws as a smart seat.

Portrait of a Lady

Henna inspired colors at an Indian Wedding in California

Even if you are shutter shy, this inspiring pair will bring out your personality on print!

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