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aug10This post will wrap up our two part series on the zebra inspired baby shower. In case you missed the first post and want to start from the beginning, here it is. It was a great celebration and I loved that everyone had a great time. Just remember for any celebration, it is not important if you have color coordinating napkins or a wild theme, as long as your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves.


As mentioned before, the weather was HOT. We invested in a covered cabana in a neutral hue so it can be used for future events. Originally, I was planning on making my own cabana, but I couldn’t stand being outside for more than a few minutes (car to house, house to car etc). Pink chiffon curtains were strung in the background to create a whimsical environment. The curtains fluttered in the cool breeze. Pink, lime green and zebra print paper lanterns were hung around the cabana.


Mmmm. Cake. Vegan Chocolate cupcakes (mini and regular) were featured on my favorite cake plate. A giant round pastry tip help create the perfect mounds of cream cheese frosting. Zebra print cupcake wrappers were used.


The food menu was simple and fresh.

Roasted Vegetable Paninis with goat cheese
Wild Mushroom Crostini
Mini Caprese skewers
Crudite platter: carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, cucumbers
hummus and pan fried onion dip
Spinach Salad in frico cups

Local cherries and strawberries

Cupcake pops (not picture, since they were not as pretty as Bakerella).


A diaper cake made of natural and organic fibers was placed on the gift table. More lanterns flanked the table. Giant wooden letters spelled the baby’s name. Ribbon was tied on the back, so the letters could be used in the bedroom if the parents wished. A zebra onsie for newborns (purchased from Etsy) was a cute reminder of how big Mia will be when she is born. Awww.

Side note: A DIY diaper cake tutorial will be coming soon!


There were laughs all around. We only played one game, which was appreciated by everyone. The game was Famous Babies. Match the famous baby (Brad Pitt, Princess Diana, the new parents, etc) to the picture. Before the shower, I did a test run on my husband and he guested the dad was Kate Hudson. Too cute. The last picture is the mother-to-be and me.

Money Saving Tips: Renting tables and chairs can be costly. Since most rental companies let you rent from Thursday-Monday, share the resources. Weddings are held on all days. Find a local bride and split the costs.

Cheers to the new parents!! Mia should be coming any day now. For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the recap. Now on to the next event! A wedding in October in Omaha, Nebraska.


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aug03Pottery Barn is one of my favorite stores. Their products are always high quality and fit seamlessly into my kitchen and parties. However, their prices are sometimes a bit steep. I always wait for the sales and use their 10% off coupons to buy my current lusting. The Party Planner from Pottery Barn is a great tool they’ve updated with juicy new tips for casual dining and parties. Learn how to host a wine tasting and learn the different varieties of wine. Or if you are just in the mood for a creative new party. Check out their site to help your creative juices flowing.

How about a tequila tasting? Bottoms up!

Or Bridal shower?

Do you think this is just a gimmick to get you to buy their products? Or do you like the way they’ve set up the site?

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jun13In addition to event planning, another one of my favorite things to do is eat. Can you blame me? I grew up in a family that constantly fantasizes and discusses our next meal, while we are eating our current one. My love for food that is insatiable, thus I continue to search for blogs that help sooth my hunger pains for the moment. Currently in my Google Reader, you can find blogs about home renovations and decor, fashion, event planning/weddings and yes, food blogs. Bakerella is one of the food blogs I follow. This detailed oriented chef makes even the simplest of desserts look too extravagant to eat. These sweet treats are perfect for making your next event more delicious.


1) Wooly Wonder: This crunching cake pop is cuteness overload. Their sugar coat looks like cottony puffs. They are definitely cuter than just cake. The little feet are made of black licorice (ewe). I am not a fan of black licorice, but will appreciate it for it’s usefulness when replicating sheet feet. For your next sheep themed party (ha), use this recipe to conjure up cuteness.

2) Doh!: Homer’s weakness usually let him down the wrong path, but it would sweet victory once the donut hit his lips. This perfect prop like donut will melt in your mouth. Follow her simple steps on creating a delicious fried goody.

3) Single Slice: How can one make a slice of cheesecake look so decadent? Simple toppings that are commonly found in one’s pantry will make your dessert look like it came from a 5 star restaurant. The extra touches like chocolate lace squiggle, piped whipped cream, warmed raspberry jam and fresh raspberries really take the cake.

4) Pie on a Stick: What even better than cheesecake? Mini cheesecake! Anything that is miniature sized adds bonus points in my book. Decadent cheesecake pops are covered in chocolate (more bonus points) and rolled in dark chocolate shavings or sprinkles (Gah! Even more points!!!!). I am definitely making these for my next party.

5) Pomp and Circumstance: It must be that time of year. Graduates walk down the aisle towards the stage, while everyone and their mom capture the moment by snapping photos or recording the age old ritual. For the after party, this simple candy pop is a pleasant party favor to help celebrate sweet success. It is made with a mini Reese’s cup and Godiva squares. These candy caps will make a big impression on your party guests. The tassel might be a bit tedious, but it really makes the mortar board look authentic.

6) Cakes for Cancer: Mini cupcakes dipped in various colors of chocolate make for a great way to promote cancer funds and awareness. Our chef made these cake pops to sell at an American Cancer Societyevent and packaged them up perfectly. Maybe I should make these for my works’ booth at Komen? Do anyone know if there a “Eat for the Cure” option?

7) Citrusy Sweet: Oh lemon bar. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Is it the powdered sugar dusting or the crispy crust? Or maybe it is the sugared lemon concoction that keeps me coming back for more. Either way, this is a great refreshing treat for summer bbqs or liven up a dead-of-the-winter dinner party.

Which one is your favorite? For me, I want to try to cheesecake pops for an upcoming event. Of course, I will do a “test” batch for myself, just to make sure it is a yummy recipe.

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mar3It is March! What words come to mind when you think of March? Daylight savings? Spring break? Warmer weather? For some, it is March Madness. A time when work productivity goes down and companies lose 3.8 billion dollars. Is this true? Well, it has been debunked, but it still makes me wonder. If you plan on watching the games at work, make sure your screen has the “boss button”. However, during the timeouts, check out the March Madness theme party details. The official bracket is not available until March 15th, but you better start doing your bracketology research or you will owe money in the office pool.


  1. Margherita Pizza: A basketball game staple, the ingredients can be chopped and prepared before the party, then assemble at half time. Watch your guests drool as this pie comes fresh out of the oven. See Menu below for recipe.
  2. Basketball Hoop: When you are done with the hoop, take it to your office to practice your free throw.

  3. Jerseys: Hang jerseys or black and white ref shirts with safety pins and a clothes line around the room to add a bit of decoration. You can find cheap jerseys at your local Goodwill.
  4. Invitations: Not needed if you are having a huge blowout, however it is fun to receive an invite in the mail. You can print a ton of ticket themed invitations for cheap.
  5. Noise makers: These are quite loud (and piercing when you hit the sweet spot). They will let your neighbors know you are having a party.
  6. Hot Dog Plate: This dish replicates the paper holders found at stadiums. Except this is a more environmentally friendly option. No waste here! Plus, the toppings won’t fall in your lap when you pile it on high.
  7. Basketball plates: To make the theme continue in the dishes, affordable themed plates will bring it together. If you don’t have the money, your regular dishes will work as well.
  8. Basketball Cupcakes: I’ve noticed I listed cupcakes for the last few posts. I don’t mean too, but they are an easy way to have single serving desserts that are theme oriented. See Menu below for recipe.
  9. Basketball Trading Cards: Use a thick black marker and use the cards as label your buffet table.
  10. Sport Banners: You can make your own banners or buy these cheap pennant flags and hang them with the jerseys. http://www.collegeflagsandbanners.com
  11. Basketball Bowls: A DIY project that you and your mom can do together. Check the dollar store for clear plastic bowls.


This menu features basketball stadium type food. Lucky you, the bratwurst won’t be 9 dollars. Beware! The Hot chicken wing dip is so good your guests or they will try to drink it. Also, for the cupcakes, use the star tip to get the texture of the basketball.

Pita chips and guacamole dip

Hot Chicken Wing Dip with raw veggies

Grilled Sausage Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions

Margherita Pizza

Basketball Cupcakes

If you plan on watching one of the games, make sure to have ample seating for your guests. Another important thing is to have an HDTV. All the games will be broadcast in HD. This way, if your team is loosing you can make fun of the opponents really bad skin complexion.

If you are just having a themed party, take it a step further and ask your guests to dress up in theme (i.e. college fans, referees, basketball players, mascots, coaches, cheerleaders etc). Let the games begin!

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