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nov09Kim-Erin celebrated her daughter, Riley’s first birthday with an Ice Cream Social theme. She wanted to have a theme that was unique and not overdone. Plus, who doesn’t love ice cream?! The little details really make this party one of a kind. Handmade yarn balls to replicate ice cream scoops make fabulous and affordable centerpieces. Painted terra cotta pots hold a buffet of toppings and candies. Party favors of stickers and candies wrapped in clear cellophane tease the party-goers. Plates with custom labels flaunt Riley’s name with retro Ice Cream Shoppe font. My favorite detail is the photo ice cream tree. Photo ornaments of Riley and ice cream cones are fastened to the branches and drip with charming appeal. Happy birthday, Riley!

ice cream social-1


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nov02Problem: You have 100+ envelopes to address and your hand is already cramping at the thought of it. In addition, your budget will not allow you to hire a calligrapher. What options do you have? Force your bridesmaids (remember they are NOT slaves) to address your invitations or recruit family members… OR you could make your handwriting in a font! Seems strange…but keep with me. There are various websites that allow you to upload samples of your handwriting and they’ll turn into a TrueType font. The ultimate personalization!


(image from Font for Peas)

You can even add your squiggles, hearts and geometric shapes to “your” font just like dingbats. I haven’t even mentioned the best part. Some sites are free or charge a nominal fee.font

(image from Fontifier)

Check out:

FontCapture (Free!); FontsForPeas (Free!);Fontifier ($9);YourFonts ($10)

If you are like me and your handwriting is nothing special. You can always “borrow” and download free fonts from websites listed above or from Da Font or Abstract Fonts to add some panache to your paper.

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oct19The leaves are turning into a golden a crisp and gently falling in the breeze. Halloween is haunting us just around the corner. Here is a mood board to help inspire a creepy, yet chic Halloween celebration. Be careful, the tingle of goosebumps might run down your spine.


Bone Collector: The tricked out appetizer plates will surely make your head spin. (Pottery Barn; $5)

Fright Invite: Custom invites with a cauldron full of skulls and eerie font will haunt your guests’ mailboxes. (Wheeler Studios; $2)

Gourd-geous Garland: DIY garland directions are easy to follow and can be hung anywhere for instant harvest decor. The gourds are aplenty at your local grocer.

Fierce Fireplace: Drape dark ivy around your mantle to add a somber feeling to the space.

Painted Pumpkins: Why carve when you can paint? Forget the standard Jack-0-Lantern look, paint spider webs or outline the trunk of a tree on your pumpkin.

Dreadful Drinks: Set up a drink bar and print off the recipe cards for each drink. The black vodka sets the tone for all three drinks.

Wicked Welcome: Before your guests enter your haunted house, have them wipe their wearing feet on this welcome mat. (CB2; $20)

Feather Your Nest: Set the tone for the party with a feathery wreath for your front door. Want a cheaper options? Make one yourself. Buy a metal wreath (Target; $30)

Bat Cave: Place removable bat vinyl decals on the walls of your house to instantly increase the haunt factor. Remove when you are done and save for next year. (Wilson’s Graphics;$30)

Sinister Sweets: Create a food buffet with a theme centered on color. Don’t forget to include dark chocolate!

Any other ideas? What are you going to be for Halloween? We have four parties to attend (that’s what happens when Halloween falls on a Saturday) and I am still tossing around ideas.

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aug10This post will wrap up our two part series on the zebra inspired baby shower. In case you missed the first post and want to start from the beginning, here it is. It was a great celebration and I loved that everyone had a great time. Just remember for any celebration, it is not important if you have color coordinating napkins or a wild theme, as long as your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves.


As mentioned before, the weather was HOT. We invested in a covered cabana in a neutral hue so it can be used for future events. Originally, I was planning on making my own cabana, but I couldn’t stand being outside for more than a few minutes (car to house, house to car etc). Pink chiffon curtains were strung in the background to create a whimsical environment. The curtains fluttered in the cool breeze. Pink, lime green and zebra print paper lanterns were hung around the cabana.


Mmmm. Cake. Vegan Chocolate cupcakes (mini and regular) were featured on my favorite cake plate. A giant round pastry tip help create the perfect mounds of cream cheese frosting. Zebra print cupcake wrappers were used.


The food menu was simple and fresh.

Roasted Vegetable Paninis with goat cheese
Wild Mushroom Crostini
Mini Caprese skewers
Crudite platter: carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, cucumbers
hummus and pan fried onion dip
Spinach Salad in frico cups

Local cherries and strawberries

Cupcake pops (not picture, since they were not as pretty as Bakerella).


A diaper cake made of natural and organic fibers was placed on the gift table. More lanterns flanked the table. Giant wooden letters spelled the baby’s name. Ribbon was tied on the back, so the letters could be used in the bedroom if the parents wished. A zebra onsie for newborns (purchased from Etsy) was a cute reminder of how big Mia will be when she is born. Awww.

Side note: A DIY diaper cake tutorial will be coming soon!


There were laughs all around. We only played one game, which was appreciated by everyone. The game was Famous Babies. Match the famous baby (Brad Pitt, Princess Diana, the new parents, etc) to the picture. Before the shower, I did a test run on my husband and he guested the dad was Kate Hudson. Too cute. The last picture is the mother-to-be and me.

Money Saving Tips: Renting tables and chairs can be costly. Since most rental companies let you rent from Thursday-Monday, share the resources. Weddings are held on all days. Find a local bride and split the costs.

Cheers to the new parents!! Mia should be coming any day now. For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the recap. Now on to the next event! A wedding in October in Omaha, Nebraska.

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aug07Last weekend, I was booked to the brim. I had a friend’s birthday party, preparation for the baby shower, the baby shower(!), backyard bash and a casual dinner party.  You can say I was pretty busy. But I was absolutely in love with every moment. Hosting parties and making sure my friends and family are comfortable and filling their drinks to the brim makes me dizzy with happiness.

If you don’t remember the original post, be sure to click here for my party inspiration and mood board. This post kept me on track with my ideas and guided me through the process. If you want a free mood board or detailed mood board: Head here! The next few posts will reflect on the party and go through the details as I originally planned.

The party was held outside in the backyard. The weather in Portland (a few days earlier) almost beat our record (of 107 degrees). It was 106 degrees. It was unbelievably hot. All I could do is pray and do a cool weather dance in hopes the weather would cool down, so our guests wouldn’t cook in the sun. I made sure the drink station was continuously stocked with ice cold beverages and ice.


Paper lanterns are from Luna Bazaar and the mini pom pom garland is from my Etsy shop.

Watermelon Cooler (1 whole seedless watermelon, 1/2 cup of water, juice of 2 limes, blend until frothy), stir before serving.

The Beverage Dispenser (Amazon) housed the ice water with sliced limes, ready to quench the guests thirst.

Stemless wine glasses were from World Market and the beverage tubs were from Target. The two tubs held color coordinated drinks (Pink drinks: Juice Squeeze and Fuzes; Green Drinks: green tea, Jamaican ginger beer and Peregrino).


Chocolate kisses and hugs were placed in mini favor boxes with shredded lime paper and wrapped with zebra wrapping paper and finished with monogram tags. Thanks for my Cricut for the letters and circles.

Freshly dyed DIY cloth napkins in Fuchsia #12 worked well with the lime green napkins from Jessica’s Wedding were perfect on the table.

A few months a go, my husband and I bought 25 plates from Ikea, so we can avoid buy paper and throw away products for our parties. We entertain so often, it was worth the cost. Plus, at .79 cents a plate AND being green, who can beat that?

Diana, the mother-in-law, wanted to contribute by donating 18 boxes of Double Chocolate Espresso and Chewy Nut Chocolate chip favor boxes. I couldn’t say no! Each box had 4 cookies! Oh my. Send A Cookie Card is her business and she bakes these scrumptious cookies and sends them in the mail. I rather get this in the mail than a Thank you. What a sweeter way to say thank you? Needless to say, I inhaled two cookies as soon as the last guest left.


Trader Joe’s Pink Lemonade served as prizes and sat on the gift table. If you plan on doing prizes for games. I suggest getting edible gifts. Unlike personalized items (shot glasses), strong candles or bath products, edible gifts are affordable and can be enjoyed by most people. Tied with ribbon and zebra print curling ribbon tie the gifts with the theme.

Fresh cut locals dahlias from Swan Island (Gitt’s Attention, White Lightning, Tiny Treasures, Sugar Lips and Herbert Smith) created pops of pink in the wire hurricanes.

Zebra print fabric were cut into customized table runners. They were a snap to make and no sewing was needed! A little bit of pressing from a hot iron and an even fold made this table runner simple and snazzy.

Come back soon! More details to come!

(Updated – See the 2nd posting for more details)

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Free Fridays

jul31It is that time again! I hate to admit it, but this week just flew by. Since I am planning a baby shower for Saturday (late morning) and a backyard back for Saturday evening, my evenings have been very busy. Here are a a few giveaways and templates to help make your Friday melt into the weekend.


Earrings: A lovely pair of ivory lacy filigree earrings with gold detailing. Perfect for a dinner party! Giveaway ends August 4th.


Wedding Templates: From Russel + Hazel, for whatever your planning heart desires. They have a comprehensive list for everything, from Budget sheets to floor plan arrangements to vendor contact lists. Get organized now!

Favor boxes and cupcake boxes: DIY templates for petal boxes, perfect for your next shower or wedding. Let your guests take home a bit of sweetness or wrap up the party favors in these easy take-home boxes.

Invites, Signs and Monograms, Oh My: The Hostess with the Mostess  has fabulous templates for a serious party with an agenda full of monkey business. Bananas not included.

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jul27Veil Shemeil. A super long and ornate veil or fluffy tulle that resembles whipped topping is not for every bride. If you don’t see yourself walking down the aisle in a cathedral length veil (up to 5 yards in length!). If you want to add a bit of glamor to your wedding day ensemble, wearing a birdcage veil or flowered accessory can do just that. A found a few local Portland Brides that have added a bit of vintage romance. Portland brides are so beautiful and stylish.

Screen Captures

Left: This custom birdcage and feathered hair accessory were both created by the talented hands at Seaplane in NW Portland. The feathers are made of ostrich feathers, which were pulled from the wedding dress. (Sikora Photography)

Middle: The fishnet is shaped into a bow and it adds a twist to the traditional birdcage shape. Made by Cassie herself, this beautiful birdcage features feathers and rhinestones for a touch of sparkle. (Photos by Kim)

Right: Simple and clean makes this bride glow with loveliness. Unfortunately, I am not sure where the bride found her birdcage, but I am on the hunt. I will update when I obtain the information. Fingers crossed! (Craig Mitchelldryer Photography)

Still not convinced the birdcage is for you. You can invest a few dollars to test out the waters by making a birdcage yourself. Here are some simple instructions from the Hip Hostess. Tread softly, or you might fall intop the deep end and want to wear it everyday. It is that fabulous.

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