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sept29Toms Shoes give me the chills. The good kind. This company was created in 2006 and is based on the prem ise that every child should have a pair of shoes. So for every pair you buy, Toms will donate a pair. Well for starters, I am already digging their driving force. In addition to their feel-good moto, their selection includes canvas, vegan and a special occasion line-up. Slip your toes into one of these glittery babies and get ready to dance the night away. Or pick out a blue pair to cross off the “something blue” on your list.


toms shoes wedding

(Photo: Ryan Gladstone Photo)


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aug27Finding a suitable hair accessory for your wedding day can be tiring and sometimes frustrating. In a world covered in layers of tulle and fake flowers, it can be hard to find something that fits your style and won’t overcrowd your head. Keep in mind the hair style you want, so the pin or accessory can help keep your tresses in place throughout the event. Here are a few hair ideas from my favorite handmade sellers on Etsy.

Hair accessories

Sitting Pretty: An oversized, feminine pink bloom tied to a silver plated headbandn sits atop the crown. Handcrafted petals make each flower a one-of-a-kind couture accessory. (Twigs and Honey; $70)

Blush and Bashful:  Hand sewn petally silk petals are gathered with glass beads and pearls. This is a romantic addition to your wedding day attire. Can it get any better? Myra, the designer is from Salem Oregon. How lovely is that? Local love. (Twigs and Honey; $80)

hair accessories

1) Pearls of Wisdom: Vintage pearls and gold leaves are twisted on a pin to create a chic look. Beads in clear and muted pinks sit neatly in a nest of pearls. (FrostingsJewelry; $15)

2) Golden Goddess: A leaf shape made of antiqued brass embellishes a simple metal headband. This can be added to your collection and used again after the wedding. (OdalisPetitMenagerie; $18)

3) Birds of a Feather: Peacock feathers are fanned to show off its natural shimmer. Muted earth tones with slight bursts of pinks flatter all skin tones and hair colors. (LiveinStyle; $18)

4) Lean and Green: A delicate bouquet of flowers tied to a wrapped headband. Glass beads mimic green berries straight from nature. (BeSomethingNew; $30)

5) Nothing but Net: Feathers, sparkles and tulle, oh my. This gorgeous piece has feather adornments and Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle. (qgdesigns; $120)

6) Threes Company: The best of three worlds. Little pins with a feather, silk flower or vintage button make a great grouping that will hold back soft flowy tresses. (MissBettyLou; $8)

So many options out there, it is hard to choose just one.

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jul27Veil Shemeil. A super long and ornate veil or fluffy tulle that resembles whipped topping is not for every bride. If you don’t see yourself walking down the aisle in a cathedral length veil (up to 5 yards in length!). If you want to add a bit of glamor to your wedding day ensemble, wearing a birdcage veil or flowered accessory can do just that. A found a few local Portland Brides that have added a bit of vintage romance. Portland brides are so beautiful and stylish.

Screen Captures

Left: This custom birdcage and feathered hair accessory were both created by the talented hands at Seaplane in NW Portland. The feathers are made of ostrich feathers, which were pulled from the wedding dress. (Sikora Photography)

Middle: The fishnet is shaped into a bow and it adds a twist to the traditional birdcage shape. Made by Cassie herself, this beautiful birdcage features feathers and rhinestones for a touch of sparkle. (Photos by Kim)

Right: Simple and clean makes this bride glow with loveliness. Unfortunately, I am not sure where the bride found her birdcage, but I am on the hunt. I will update when I obtain the information. Fingers crossed! (Craig Mitchelldryer Photography)

Still not convinced the birdcage is for you. You can invest a few dollars to test out the waters by making a birdcage yourself. Here are some simple instructions from the Hip Hostess. Tread softly, or you might fall intop the deep end and want to wear it everyday. It is that fabulous.

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