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oct30This week has flown by. I’ve been working with several website designers to see if we make a good match. Now I think I found my designer, I am trying to figure out what I want to do with the site. With my fingers crossed, the blog should get a makeover before the start of the new year. How exciting! Along with the virtual face lift,  give a commitment to provide fresh and inspiring posts on a regular basis.


In addition to this mid-week craziness, Halloween is here! With several invitations to parties around Portland, my husband and I (Clark Kent and Superman, respectively) will be out and about. What are you dressing up as? Or if you are not dressing up, what was your favorite childhood costume or memory? My favorite costume was Cleopatra (age 8) with white and gold pointed-toe flats (adult shoes!). I would wear those shoes now. Sigh.

Until Monday, I hope you have a fantastic and safe Halloween. Cheers!


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Wedding Dress Wednesday :: Break

sept30I am taking a much needed break. It has been hectic around the Cleys’ household, so I haven’t had much time to scour da internets to find a fabulous collection of gowns. I promise next week will come in strong and won’t disappoint. Have a lovely day! See you in a bit!

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Updates :: Blog Changes

sept02Happy September! September is one of my favorite months. Well, for one, it is my birth month. How can you not like birthdays?! It is also the month that Kevin and I first meet. Seven years ago, we decided to make it official. Thus, Septiembre holds a special place in my heart. In honor of September, I bought a domain. Yay! Clap. Whistle. Cheer! It is official, http://prosttothehost.com will direct you to the blog. I have more changes coming in the next few months, but patience is key. I know being patient sucks. But come back soon (wink, wink) ya’ll hear?! I will be featuring a fun giveaway in honor of my birthday and new domain. Now, back to your daily programming.

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Update :: I am back

jul19I am back! Well, I’ve been back for almost a week. But I’ve been ignoring the fact that I have to face reality. That includes my absent Wedding Dress Wednesday Post. I couldn’t drag myself to the computer and work when it was gorgeously hot outside. So, please excuse my delinquent behavior and I promise to be more committed. ;) But I’ve been working on a few posts, so there should be some new and exciting posts coming up. Weee! Have a great Sunday!

In the mean time, here is a picture of Kevin and me enjoying our fresh pineapple juice margaritas in Puerto Vallarta. Too bad we don’t have a time stamp on the picture to confirm it was 10:30 am. It doesn’t matter. I was on vacation!

IMG_2861Salud! A prost to you! Cheers!

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jul08I am still in Mexico. Thus, my regular postings will resume when I return next week. So there won’t be a Wedding Dress Wednesday post today. Lo siento (I’m sorry). Nos vemos pronto (See you soon)!

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jul03I’ve been in Mexico for a few days and I hope I am loving every bit of it. (This post was created a few days before I left…so with my fingers-crossed..I hope I am having a great time). For your drinking pleasure, here are a few Mexican inspired drink recipes that will quench your thirst.

Grilled Grapefruit Margarita: grilled grapefruit


Watermelon Margarita: freshing and not to sweet

Melon Margarita: a twist on a traditional favorite

Raspberry Margarita: sunkissed local berries are a requirement 


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jun18Good morning! I’ve decided to expand my option of services to include a free option. Whoa! Free?! Yes. Free. A basic mood board will contain a collection of pictures, similar to what I’ve done in the past but without the detailed information and descriptions. If you are interested in having a mood board created especially for your event. Go here and complete the questionnaire. Your answers will help determine your overall feel and color scheme for your event. You may ask why this service is being offered gratis! I want to expand my mood board collection and want to offer it to my beautiful readers. So here is your next party… Cheers!

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