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mar09I must have cabin fever. In Portland, it has been raining/sleeting/snowing/hailing ALL DAY. All I could think about is the warm yellow sun and the sweet smell of summer. The crisp smell of lemons and vivid yellows reminds me of all things summer. Please proceed with caution. It will make you want nice weather and BBQ season to start…NOW.

 yellow wedding

  1. Oh Blimey, Limey!: These simple card stock invitations with a stripe envelopes liner will let your guests know the party is casual but full of character. 
  2. When life hands you lemons: Duh. You make lemonade. The term cocktail hour can mean lots of $$$. To avoid the guests from loading up on expensive liquor, first offer your guests a refreshing drink during cocktail hour, then open up the bar.
  3. Just add water: For a dramatic décor option, 1) use tall glass hurricanes, 2) fill the water at several different levels, and then 3) toss lemons in.
  4. Citrus Surprise: I found this image a few weeks ago and have based this entire mood board on it. The citrus stamp is a clean way to decorate a cake.
  5. Lightweight lemon: This airy dress made of lightweight chiffon will have your bridesmaids float down the isle. This inset empire waist will flatter all body types.
  6. Bolts of lighting: Well, bolts of tulle are almost like lightning. Lay the folded tulle in the center of the table on a crisp white table cloth. This will avoid having to rent renting expensive table runners. This is a chic and updated use for tulle. No tulle bows here!
  7. Don’t tiptoe through the tulips: These intensely yellow tulips paired with classy callas make a fine pair for the bride’s bouquet. Callas are typically more expensive than tulips, so just a few will enough drama without breaking the bank.  
  8. Rain or Shine: These fun parasols are a stunning prop for your pictures. They also provide protection for whatever weather comes happens on your day. You can find them at your local craft store or at lunabazaar.com.
  9. Candy is Dandy: Wrap up these juicy lemon slices for a sweet treat for your guests. Find at your local candy store or online.
  10. A very pretty box with a bow: But there is something inside! Use these plastic favor boxes  wrapped up with thick yellow grosgrain ribbon and place at each setting. This will help complete your table look.
  11. Table turner: To carry the lemon theme through out the wedding, use lemons as name card holder. Use a ball point pin (pins with a little ball at the end) to hold the name card in place.
  12. Wine and Dine: If you do not have table service for your wedding and don’t want to use the unsightly pitchers for your guests. Use recycled wine bottles to hold your drinks. By requesting the empties from at local wine bar you can cut costs. However, drinking wine for the sake of a wedding might be a good idea…
  13. Looking an alternative to the standard boutonnière? An ornamental kale leaf makes a perfect background to the striking golden curly willow and yellow craspedia. It is finished with a crisp cotton ribbon. Dried craspedia may be easier to find, plus you can use the excess for more decoration.


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