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jul30To cut costs, you can cut the wedding invitations. Companies such as Evite allow you to invite your guests without having to address or mail a since paper invite. The invitation styles can range from super cheesy to semi-formal. Since this service is free, it can be bogged down by obnoxious advertisements and blinky links. It might be a good alternative to the email invitation, but is it formal enough for a wedding? Another company, Paperless Post offers the same service as Evite, but creates a more formal environment. Customizable designs that reflect the style of your wedding can help portray the formality of the event. No advertisements will scream across your screen, as there is a small fee for each “postage stamp” you use on an invitation. The first 25 stamps are free, each additional is about 0.08 cents. In comparison, the average wedding invitation costs 0.61 cents.

I signed up for the free service and “made” my invitation. It was extremely simple to set up and word my Summer Soiree. Once I completed the steps, my invitation was ready for delivery.

Paperless Post2

My invitation pops up!

Paperless Post - Invitation1

After I email my invitation to all my guests, I can keep track of my guests’ replies with the tracking tool. I can even remind the guests of the RSVP deadline. Remember, bad RSVP etiquette is never flattering.

Paperless Post3

Is this something you whoudl use for an event such as a wedding? Or do you prefer the romance of a paper invitation?


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jul21My love for paper started when the moment I was born, as my dad just started working for the USPS. He taught me the importance of sending a letter by post and the simple joy it brings when you receive a letter addressed to you. For hours upon hours, I would sit in my room and compose letters and works of art using magazine cutouts and newspaper clippings. I would scrap up 22 cents and give my dad my letter and my change to take with him to work the next day. (No, we did/do not receive free stamps. I am not sure how many times I was asked that question as a child). Then from age 10 to 22, I moved on average every 2 years and more often when I was in college. I became a very avid letter writing and sent thousands of letters to my friends and friends from previous cities. Currently, I obsess over party invitations. Doesn’t matter the party, I always prefer to send paper invitations than send an Evite or email. I want my friends and family to receive an invitation to a party rather than a bill. Hopefully, it brings a smile to their face.

Here are a few invitations I’ve done in the past (starting with the most recent):

Baby Shower: Flamingo pink square Pocketfold with lime green cardstock and zebra accents 



Wedding Announcement: Shades of blue and green in a simple block patternwedding annoucement


Bachelorette Party: Vertical double-sided invitation in shades of blue and green



Wedding Invitation: Dark red 5×7 Pocketfold with gold, black and cream accents

wedding invite

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