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jun28Living in Portland, a popular mode of transportation is to go by bike. I am also one jumping..err…riding on the proverbial bandwagon and using a bike as my preferred transport.  It doesn’t seem like I am the only one. According to Portland Sugar, we have “more bicycles on the road per capita”. Interesante. In MSN’s article, Portland is listed at as the Number Two bike-friendly city in the world. If you are a bike enthusiast, or just want to have some fabulous wedding pictures or engagement photo session include a bike as a prop or just go for a spin around the block. Be sure to tell your photographer so he/she will bring the proper camera equipment to capture that moment. Here are a few inspirational pictures for your bike viewing enjoyment.


1) Bicycle Built for Two; 2) Float on By 3) Riding Miss Daisy 4) Special Delivery 5) Ride by Your Side 6) Just Married 7) Hitched at the Bike Lot 8) Vegas, Baby

I love the action shots and the boudiour-esqe pose (#6).


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jun25It doesn’t take much to add pizazz to a party. Joanna, from LotusHaus Blog, made the basic Father’s BBQ into a fun fiesta with bright colors and flavorful dishes. For flowers, she bought grocery store bouquets and placed single red and yellow votives for more color. The tablecloth and runner were found at a local discount store and the colors really make the space pop. I love seeing intimate parties with such flare, it will make anyone feel more special.  She did a great job of keeping it cheap and bringing the fiesta to an otherwise standard BBQ. Lastly, she switched up the blah hamburger and hot dog menu to fit the theme: carne asada with aqua-mole salsa and spanish rice and beans. Luckily, she did not post pictures of the food, because my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not doing a good job of holding me over.

Did you celebrate Fathers’ Day? What did you do?

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jun24Five recent blockbusters all have drop dead gorgeous gowns that shine even when they are off set. However, the price tag will only allow NYC writer and fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) or fashion designer, Tess Nichols (27 Dresses) to afford these couture pieces. I’ve found a similar dress comparable to the silver screen silhouette, but is easier on the bottom line.

1) Bride Wars: Best friends torn apart by their bridezilla like behavior can have a huge affect on ones friendship. But their classless acts are done while wearing beautifully designed gowns by Vera Wang.


Liz (Kate Hudson) wears a frothy ballgown made of whipped topping, I mean tulle. The bodice is made of lace and is tied with a suede ribbon at the natural waistline. If you can’t afford custom designed Vera, how about these two options that will allow you to pay for the catering as well?

moviedress2(Sincerity Bridal; less than $1500 and Cosmobella; less than $1000)


On the other hand, Emma (Anne Hathaway) wears a timeless silhouette to reflect her more conservative, yet chic taste. The dress was Emma’s mother’s, so the style was supposed to reflect just that. The silk taffeta adds structure to the dress and the hour glass shape gently hugs the curves. It was harder to find this dress and to stay within a reasonable price range. You can always seek a dress maker to create a unique dress made for you.

Desktop2(Vera Wang; $4000 and Jasmine Bridal; less than $1000)

2) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: A modern day story of the Christmas Caro with a wedding twist has Jenny (Jennifer Garner) about to marry a man, Paul (Breckin Meyer) and Pauls’ brother,  Conner (Matthew McConaughey) is trying to convince Paul it is a mistake he might soon regret. However, Conner is taken to the past, present and future to see where his selfish womanizing ways make take him if he continues to treat the women in his like like trash.

girlfreinds past

This stunning strapless gown by Manuel Mota has crystal beading throughout the skirt and a silk bow at the natural waist. You can buy the exact dress that Jenny wore by visiting any shop the carries the Manuel Mota line. Or you can find a similar dress by Jasmine Bridal.

Desktop3 (Manuel Mota; and Jasmine Couture; less than $1500)

3) I Love You, Man: Without a close best friend to be his Best Man for his upcoming nuptial, Peter (Paul Rudd) is on the mission to spark the perfect bromance. Eventually something must have happened, as Zooey (Rashida Jones), the bride-to-be walks down the grass covered aisle wearing a simple dress from J Crew. A perfect compliment to an outdoor wedding!


The sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice accentuate the curves, yet minimizes the problem areas by flowing out above the natural waistline. The dress is no longer available from J Crew, but search for it on Ebay, Once Wed, Preowned Wedding Dresses, or the Green Hanger.

moviedress(J Crew; $350 and Wtoo; $1284)

4) Sex and the City: The Movie: The season’s most hyped up wedding. But what is a wedding without the groom? Just looking at this scene gives me the sadness chills. As you can see, the dress was too much. It took over the wedding. But don’t let the dress scare you off. If this dress is your dream dress, you can now find a replica by Madam Westwood herself. Just get your name on the list now, as there is a 6 month waiting period to even order. The dress is only 5k. If you want the longer version, don’t worry, it is only 15k.


As Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) said, “A dress so special it could wring a wedding tear from even the most unbelieving of people.” This strapless confection is made from ivory silk and a large Radzimir taffeta skirt. The dart neckline with beading detail and gold-backed ivory corset top is the frosting on the cake. Portions of the skirt has pickups and a partial bubble hem to reveal the underskirting. A dress fit for a diva or two.

moviedress3(Sarah Danielle; less than $1500 or Vivienne Westwood; $5000)

5) 27 Dresses: Tess Nichols (Malin Akerman) from 27 Dresses gets engaged to her older sister, Jane (Katherine Heigl)’s boss/secret crush and heads down the aisle before Jane. Thus, using their mother’s wedding dress (well a portion of it) for her own. The dress that Tess “designs” is sweet without being too foufy and features beading between the v neck. The empire waist would hide a multitude of sins and secret pockets for your vows.

27 dress

The dress from the movie was designed by Amsale, with the additional lace waistband that was added specifically for the movie to imitate a portion of the mother’s dress. You can go straight for the gold and order the Amsale version or find a more affordable option that should fit your needs and budget.

moviedress1 (J Crew; $1950/Etsy; $340 and Amsale; $4700)

Would you wear a dress that was in a featured flick? I am in love with Tess’ dress. If only I could renew my vows now…

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jun23Paper companies rejoice when it is wedding season. As couples flood the paper stores to peruse binders and binders of examples, many will find what they want as their wedding invitation. Will you find the right one that fits your wedding colors? Or your personal style? Here is a wedding invitation that is truly unique and not printed on paper.



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jun19The Fourth of July is just around the corner and summer love is in the air. This mood board is perfect for a pair of love birds that want a twist on a traditional color palette of Old Glory.

birds of a feather1Cakes; Flowers; Invitations; Cake Topper; Bird Cage Card Box; Wedding Programs; Nest Favors; Candy Bar; Birdseed Decoration; Party Decor; Ring Bearer; Bridesmaid; Parasol; Party Setting; Glass Vases

Just a simple mood board. Request your gratis mood board today.

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jun18Good morning! I’ve decided to expand my option of services to include a free option. Whoa! Free?! Yes. Free. A basic mood board will contain a collection of pictures, similar to what I’ve done in the past but without the detailed information and descriptions. If you are interested in having a mood board created especially for your event. Go here and complete the questionnaire. Your answers will help determine your overall feel and color scheme for your event. You may ask why this service is being offered gratis! I want to expand my mood board collection and want to offer it to my beautiful readers. So here is your next party… Cheers!

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jun17Etsy is chock full of creative shops. I can browse around all day and get lost in this virtual mall of homemade goodies. Not only will you find crafts, but edible treats and wedding dresses can be found. This week’s collection is all about Etsy. maybe you will connect with a designers. Custom is always better than off the rack, especially, if the price is right.

etsy dress

1) Short n’ Sassy:  This strapless satiny number is a peppy and will add a punch to your party. The full skirt allows movement (and dancing) for your joyous occasion. The fitted bodice will make sure everything stays in its proper place. (veiledbeauty; $325)

2) Earth Angel: This silk and and lace option just oozes with delightful details and feminine touches. It features symmetrical peplums that sway with every step. The recycled bustier is outlined in ruffles, as is the hem of the skirt and train.There is no denying that this dress fell from heaven. (sarahseven; $1400)

3) Streamline Sheath: a stunningly simple sheath dress with a soft but plunging neckline, giving the bodice a lily like shape – hence the name of this gown!
The shaped bodice cups the breasts and gives full coverage, but makes a feature of the flattering decollete plunge. The dress is empire cut, with two darts each side fitting the form, back and front. Full length with a back split in the hemline for ease of movement. The fabric is a heavy double crepe with a matte satin bodice.
(LondonDemimonde; $500)

4) Versatile Green Dream: If your mind often changes and you want to keep it green, this dress is for you. The dress can be tied in a variety of ways to express your current mood. Made of organic cotton and bamboo jersey, making the fabric’s texture is creamy smooth and eco-friendly. (isadoraclothing; $360)

5) Déjà Vu: I’ve seen this dress before… ;) However, at the almost a 1/6 of the cost, this dress is just a stunning as the first laid eyes on it. Side pockets are hidden in the seams of this billowing full length pleated skirt. Spaghetti straps add a dash of delicate to this impressive gown. (AnnabelAndRuby; $340)

6) Hand Picked: This dress was made by a caring hand. From the hand embroidered embellishments to the hand beaded crystal accents and lace detailing makes this an exquisite wedding gown. The tank bodice and low v neck make this dress a flattering and svelte silhouette. (bellinabridal; $795)

Would you buy a dress from Etsy? How about your wedding dress?

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